Apr 26, 2011

I'm repeating myself, my words lost all meaning

Hii Guys !

Just a quick update here (: As I told you I went to the zoo yesterday, and these are a few pictures I took there. Nothing really special because I was just practicing with the new camera. Though, I do like this pictures (: Especially the one of my sister. I think her eyes are extremely blue here ! I can't wait untill I'm in London so I can make soooooo many photographs, haha !
But that's it for now, I'm going to take a shower and after that watch some glee (: 

ps. upcoming an outfit post with the new camera !


  1. Gewéldige foto's! Echt een prachtkwaliteit. :D

  2. Lovely photos, the one with the girl peering through the leaf is brilliant.

  3. awesome pics, they camera is fantastic...love your sister's pics, her eyes are wonderful ;)

    jos xx

  4. oohhhh very nice pictures. The zoo is a perfect place to try out a new camera!!

  5. Beautiful photos
    I like your blog !
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  6. wow girl! I really love your blog! Obviously I follow you, great style :D Good pictures!
    hugs from Spain!

  7. O, haha. Ik zie het.
    Sorry voor de 'valse beschuldiging'...
    Ik had dat er idd niet bijgezet. Het stond alleen in de vorige post. ;)