Apr 30, 2011

happiest day of your life

Hii Guys !

Just like the other 2 billion people I watched the royal wedding of Kate and Will yesterday ! I didn't watch the whole ceremony, 'cuz I had to go to school. But I did see the balcony scene and their kiss of course ! I must say, I think it's a bit ridiculous that so many people are interested in this marriage and that they say it's the marriage of the century, I mean, come on, it's just a wedding ? haha 
But I know lots of other bloggers already discussed the dress of kate. But since that was the only reason I've watched the wedding ( I just wanted to know what kind of dress she would wear ) I just needed to say something about it.  First a bit information about the dress : 
The tiara was lent to the kate by queen Elizabeth, the veil is made of layors os silk. The body is a hallmark of Alexander McQueen's design and the shoes were Alexander McQueen's as well. The flowers on the lace were handcut and eginereerd to the dess.
When I first saw the dress I was like : O: Omg, that's it ? I didn't like it at all, all the lace it made her look so preppy and , I'm not trying to be mean but I just can't find another way to say this, it screamed : virgin.  Buuuuuut, when she stept out of the coach and I saw the rest of the dress I liked it a lot more ! So all in all I do like the dress, it's just I wouldn't wear it myself. I mean, you have all the money of the world, I would buy a Vera Wang, haha ! (:

And just one question, what kind of wedding dress would you like to wear ? The 3 above are just guide lines. Meaning, would you like a colored dress, or a short dress ? Or maybe just the classic long white one ? 
Let me know ! (:

Well I'm off celebrating Queens Day in Holland ! 


  1. Ik vind de jurk ook tegenvallen.

  2. Prins harry was the cutest hahah :p

  3. Ik vond de jurk eigenlijk wel heel mooi!
    Maar ik weet nog niet of ik er ook zo een zou willen...
    Maar ik heb ook gekeken hoor haha ;D

  4. She looked beautiful and they look just so cute together, but yeah, I expected more from the dress as well. I didn't like the "lace sleeves" at all, but that may be just my personal opinion.
    Anyway, the main thing is they're happy :D ;)

  5. She looked so amazing... really beautiful! Enjoy queens day in Holland, too bad I have to miss it this year!

    XO Charlotte

  6. I think everyone expected a dress like Princess Diana's, but I loved her dress and would definitely wear it myself.

  7. Jaa, ik heb het ook gekeken haha! Die middelste foto is mooi :) Zelf zou ik absoluut een witte jurk willen!

  8. I would definitely choose Vera Wang, she's fantastic! :)
    btw, great blog, I'm following! :)

  9. ik vond de jurk wel mooi haha!
    maar bruiloften blijven tuttig en oudbollig :P
    en als ik moest kiezen tussen die drie jurken zou ik voor de derde gaan.