Mar 28, 2011

your heart was in another place.

Hii Guys !

First of all, sorry for my lack of posts this week, but I was just busy with all kind of stuf last week. But just to keep you on track, here are the things that I was busy with.
  •  School and everything that comes near that. In May we have an internship week, and in that week you're supposed to 'work' at a big business so you can experience how working is like. It's also important for your look on diffrent jobs. But the point is, I can't find anything. All the offices of the newspapers and the magazines are to far away, and the publisher in our town hadn't had the time to escort a high school pupil in his business ): So now I'm looking everywhere for a place where I can go.
  • The job at the bakery. I went down there last Wednesday and I had a little chat with the seller there and she told me that I was just too late. 3 days ahead they hired a girl. That was a bummer, but luckily I finally found a family where I can babysit. Tonight is my first night, I'm curious about what kind of kids they are (: So I hope this way I'll make some money for my camera.
  • Zip your lip. This is an event for charity. 2 classes and some teachers are going to fast for 24 hours. We only can drink tea and water. But since I'm the one who's organizing it, it takes me more time too, plus I also needed to find sponsors. Because it's about raising money for the poor children in Africa !
  • Well and all the other things are just those little things. Like, I went to the hairdresser, to doctor, I had a badminton competition, I made a summer short with my grandma ( I'll show you soon ) and I had a party of one of my friends.
And now, the outfit I wore today. You might have heard that color blocking is very 'hot' at the moment, but in some way I just don't like it that much. It's more the fact that I can't combine it with anything in my closet, haha !  But I just tried something today, it's not really a very colorfull outfit, but I wore my blue top again, which I haven't worn in a very long time.

Skirt*Top*Rings*Necklace - H&M        Shoes - Primark        Belt - Louis Vuitton

Oh yeah, I found this old belt from my mom. And when I arrived at school my friend suddenly said ; ' Hey ! You go a LV belt, that's so awesome ! ' And I was like, huh ? And then I just noticed, haha !

I hope you like it !
Thank you for following and commenting (:


  1. Wow I don't think I could survive on tea and water for 24 hours, but good luck with it, it's certainly for a good cause.
    Love the LV belt.

  2. lovely outfit!! I totally love your hair!! wow that belt, it's super cool. Love it :)

    jos xx

  3. Cool outfit! Lovin' the skirt!
    Ok, I follow you :)
    Would you follow me?

  4. love the outfit!
    love the blue!
    such a likeable trend color!

    Great belt 2!

    i have a new outfitpost maybe you can take a look?
    everyday a new post

    xo model from holland

  5. this outfit is really preety, love your skirt!
    and of course the lv belt!

  6. Hey,
    bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog,
    misschien kunnen we elkaar volgen ;).

    What a lovely outfit, really great!

    Xoxo, leoniae

  7. wauw nice combi! love the skirt! from h&m? wauw!

  8. dat blauw staat je mooi! mooi meisje ben je ook (: x

  9. Hi!
    Very nice outfit :D

  10. cute cute cute - love the mix of blues :)

  11. Erg leuk hoe je die foto's maakt!

  12. super leuke stijl heb je!(:
    ik ga je volgen!

    xoxo Sterre

  13. nice skirt <3