Mar 8, 2011

They will see us waving from such great heights.

Vest - RiverIsland        Top - Mango        Jeans+Ring+Earrings - H&M        Necklace - Vintage        Boots - Unknown       

Hii Guys !

As I prommised, an outfit post on Tuesday ! Today was a short, but still boring day at school. We had 3 tests, about Dutch, Math and English. Tomorrow is going to be a day like this too but then with other subjects. Like I told you it's always hard for me to get back on track when I'm back home from a vacation. I'm still missing Austria and all the lovely people but I have to get over it. Luckily I have something to look out for, because Saturday we'll celebrate my Birthday and Sunday Shanna, Shani and I will go to Amsterdam and finally, to NeverShoutNever and The Maine ! I'm so excited about that (:
So for now, the outfit. To be honest I'm not really loving this outfit, but lot's of clothes are in the laundry so I had to be a bit creative with less stuff to use, haha. And know I'm writing this, I notice that I forgot to put on my belt, silly me x) But yeah, just a simple outfit for today.
I'm off making tea !

I hope you like it !
Thank you for following and commenting !


  1. echt geweeeeldig!♥
    die ring had ik ook, echt mijn lievelingsring.... totdat hij ineens doormidden ging> <

  2. I just love all the jewellery you're wearing here.

  3. hele mooi sieraden allemaal meid xoxo

  4. ge-wel-dig! ♥ die ring heb ik ook :)

  5. Prachtige outfit! Super leuk gecombineerd!

  6. awh, this outfit is sooo lovely !!! (:
    and your header is just adorable <3

    xx, nati&tany

    ps: we have a give away right now and hopefully u wanna join it q:

  7. leuke sieraden!! vooral dat uiltje is zo cute!

  8. wauw mooi!


  9. Wow love this outfit! It's adorable.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'll sertainly follow you. Follow me back if you like :)

  10. De naturelle kleurtjes staan je goed!

  11. Suuuper mooie sieraden!!!! x

  12. wat een leuke sieraden allemaal:)! x

  13. Thanks for your comment x

    I love your necklace!

  14. Really cute outfit!:) Very nice!

    Thank for the post, I am following you.

  15. Leuke blog!! =D en omg love the ribbon ring!! xx