Mar 30, 2011

leaving him alone in the broad daylight

Both H&M

H&M - Unknown

Both H&M

Hii Guys !

You know, I'm eating my ass of right now, haha ! You know why ? Because tomorrow I can't eat anything for 24 hours, so at the moment I'm eating a lot of chocolat, haha. I'm also having a really big breakfast tomorrow morning and after that I can't eat anything untill Friday morning. I did this 24 fasting already once, and back then it wasn't that hard, so I hope I will last it out !
I also applied to some stores again, I sent them e-mails so now I'm checking my mail box all the time to see if I got an answer. I really hope I'll find a job soon, because I really need the money. Reason 1 : I still need more money for my camera. Reason 2 : I'm going to Paris or London in May, and that means a lot of shopping (: Reason 3 : I'm going to Pinkpop ( dutch festival ) and my father paid the ticket, but of course I need to pay him back -.-

And now I'm gonna explain what you see on the photographs above, well I think you already knew these are my sunglasses, and as you can see ; I have a lot ! And these are not all of them, only the ones I wear the most. I made these photographs yesterday when the sun was shining, I already worn my sunglasses to school, yeah (: But I thought it would by fun if I showed you my collection !
 ( Yup, I know they're all from the H&M, haha )

So I'm off eating and eating more, and more !


  1. I have a few of these sunglasses from H&M too. I do love my sunglasses.

  2. what a great sunglasses!
    cant wait for summer to come!

    i have a new outfitpost,
    maybe you can take a look?
    everyday a new post

    xo model from holland

  3. love the sunglasses! good luck with the job hunt!

  4. sunglasses! i only own two. :D and why you can't eat for 24 hours?? :O i don't understand it...

  5. leuke brillies :D (en dar oranje dingetje ehb ik ook voor mn raam haha)

  6. oh wat vet dat je naar pinkpop gaat, ik ben jaloers haha! mooie zonnebrillen trouwens :D xx

  7. I love your sunglasses! good luck with your jobs, hope you get one!!