Mar 19, 2011

I'll keep you my dirty little secret.

                                                                                     Hii Guys !

Elise White - Watercolours

As I promissed, a new 'inspiring art' post ! I actually wanted to post this on Friday, but Friday was the 'blogger's day of silence for Japan' so that's why there wasn't a post. The outfit I'm about to show you is a kind of chique rock chick outfit. I was inspired by this painting witch I randomly saw when I was looking over the shoulder of my sister while she was working on her presentation. She was looking for pictures of zebra's and she scrolled over this too, haha The leopard print is very 'hot' right now, but I think the whole animal print is staying 'hot' forever. But anyway, when I saw this, it reminded me of this skirt wich I haven't worn in a very long time. Actually I was kind of surprised that it still fit ! haha

Skirt/Shoes/Rings - H&M        Dotted Blouse - Monki        Belt - Vintage

Ps. Today I had my photoshoot ! It was so much fun, but I'll show you the photographs next week and then I'll tell you more about it too !

I hope you like it !
Thank you for following and commenting ! (:


  1. Love your look and your blog*

  2. Nice outfit, and so nice that she shares the same name as me :)


  3. Nice blog&outfit!
    btw; we hebben nu een win-actie!


  4. The skirt and entire outfit are absolutley adorable. I wish it were warm enough here to wear something like that!

  5. Wauw! Ik hou van jou rokje (L)

  6. I think animal prints will always be in style. I love the skirt, so cute, yet rock too.

  7. So cute!love your blog,I am following you now,hope you follow me too

  8. you look great!!!
    love your header!

  9. OMG the skirt is amazing!!
    love it :)

  10. Great outfit!
    thanks for your comment!
    follow u , sure!

  11. wow PURPLE leopard print, and that sheer polkadot blouse is really one-of-a-kind, can't wait to see more photos :)

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  12. Ik vind je sheer polkadot blouse echt geweldig :)