Mar 16, 2011

hey there lovely ladybug.

1 - dolce vita, christian dior        2 - ladybird,vogue        3 - hearts&daggers, ed hardy

Hii Guys !                                                                                      I'm such a bad blogger, I actually need to make a 'inspiring art' post today, because it's been to long since I did one. But I so didn't feel like taking pictures, so I promiss you there will be an 'inspiring art' post very soon ! But instead of that, I made some photographs of a few of my big collection of parfum, haha. I have like 15 diffrent parfums, but I only wear the 3 you can see above. At least, I wear them most of the time. I get all this for free from my aunt, I appreciate that very much, so thank you Connie !                                                                                        The second thing I wanted to say is that there won't be a post coming Friday because I read on a few blogs already that this is going to be a blogger's day of silence for Japan. I think everyone knows why we do this, from here we can't do much but at least we can send our good wishes to Japan ! I hope you join me with this blogger's day of silence for Japan by not posting on Friday !
ps. the title of this post is a song by nevershoutnever, it's so cute !


  1. That song is so nice!! I really like it!! Love your choice of perfumes, me too...i've got a alot of bottles but I use 2 or 3...which one do you love best?

    jos xx

  2. Nice pictures! I'm wondering how dolce vita smells...

  3. Dolce Vita is my favourite perfume ever. I always have a bottle on my dressing table.

  4. love the vintage clock! been looking one for my nightstand just like it.