Mar 6, 2011

Bring me back yesterday.

Hii Guys !

I'm back again ! And to be honest, I'm not really happy about that.. I had so much fun in Austria and the idea of going to school tomorrow makes me kind of sick, haha. As I told you in my last update, the first two days I skied and those are the days we made the most photoraphs, because it was save to bring the camera because I don't fall so much on skies. When I started with snowboarding I didn't bring the camera with me anymore, because of course I needed to learn it, and that means a lot of falling, haha ! So that's why I don't have photographs of me snowboarding, maybe next year !
Tuesday was my Birthday and that was awesome ! The whole group ( we were on vacation with, like 25 people, yes that's a lot ! ) song the birthday song for me and I got some little cute presents. Like wreck this journal ! I told you about this book a few weeks a go, so you can expect some wreck this journal posts coming up, haha.
The rest of the days were very fun too, we had the most amazing weather, sometimes it was even 17 degrees on the top of the mountain (!), the sun was shining all the time and we had just enough snow to ski and snowboard. I'm missing yesterday soooo much ! The last day was definitely the best day, and I wish I could go back for another week.
I'm totally out my normal routine right now, and I need to get back on track. So I think I'll be posting an outfit post coming Tuesday !

1 - The first day on skis with my little sister Ryann.
2. The view from the cableway.
3. My little sister with the map of our ski area. So cute, I needed to show you x)

I hope you like it !
Thank you for following and commenting !


  1. Can I ask where in Austria you went?
    Because that map looks an awful lot like the map of the area I went snowboarding in December.


  2. hello manon(: i just got back from a skiing trip!!! what fun!!(: probably no where near as nice as you though lol. oh well! i just wanted to say i finally got your blog feature up! i reallllly hope you like it! and i apologize for getting it up so late(:


  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Wow what a view.

  4. Looks Like you had a great time in Austria. I like the pics very beautiful and you look stunning!!