Feb 10, 2011

Memories make me want to go back there.

Wearing ;
Boots - Unknown
Jeans + Blouse + Necklace - H&M
Jacket - Vintage

Hii Guys !

Totally addicted to this song ; Weezer - Memories. That's where I've got the title from (: The song is dedicated to jackass, and in some previous post I told you I love jackass. Something the most people don't expect from a girl like me, but I wish those guys could be my friends ! And the lyrics of the song are so funny, but also true. Sometimes I want to go back in the past, like last summer. I had such a wonderfull time, and the last evening was amazing, I wish I could go back there and do it all over and over and over again !
But enough but that, I actually wanted to show you another look with my Monki skirt today, but the batteries of my camera were running low, so I couldn't make any photographs. Luckily I found this photographs I made like a month ago, but I'd never post them before. This outfit reminds me of spring, because of the color, but I don't wear this so much often x)

And now I want to mention something totally diffrent ; Wreck this journal. You might have heard of this book/diary before and I think it's so awesome. I really want to have it, so I think I'm going to ask it for my birthday, wich is the first of March !  For the people who don't know what 'wreck this journal' is ;

It's a book with all kinds of assignments, like sewing it, or taking it with you in the shower. It must be so much fun !
So that's it for today ! I'm going to study a bit for my English test tomorrow, but it's not that much. And I'm going to make diner for my father and little sister ; Pasta (: Yummieeee

I hope you like it !
And thank you for following and commenting (:


  1. I've got that book and it's awsome.
    It's definitely my favourite book (:
    You absolutly have to go and get it !!

  2. that book looks great!
    love youre outfit!

  3. Wonderful blog and wonderful outfits!
    I hope you will follow me too :)

  4. that book sounds great haha, wanna have it too now :D

  5. Great outfit!
    And love the book <3

  6. Like your outfit !
    I follow you hope you will follow me and thank you for your lovely comment. :)

  7. that looks like such a fun journal! love this outfit :) really cute header!!

    xoxo following!

  8. wreck this journal, that's great! (:
    lijkt me erg leuk om te hebben, ik moet het nog steeds eens kopen.