Feb 6, 2011

Last Sunday Sunshine !

Hii Guys !

So as you've already read, this is the last sunday sunshine. It's also the 10th, and that's a great number to stop I think. I'm running out of ideas for this project and it's starting to get a bit boring for me. And they always say that you only need to do things you enjoy ! But a few posts ago I've already told you that I came up with an other project for my blog, and I think I'll start with that next week. But I'm not going to tell you yet what it is, haha (:
For this sunday sunshine I wanted to do something special, but I just didn't had the time. First of all yesterday was a really fun but busy day. I needed to make homework all day long, and in the evening I went to a party in Delftgauw. We made a campfire and sung some songs, we watched a little bit of a movie and danced ! I had a great time. After that I had a sleepover, and this morning I went  to the gym. Now, I'm very tired and I still need to do so much for school. But hopefully i'm going to a kind of snow world tonight, and shake all the stress of me so I can start the new week good !

This is a summer dress I didn't wear a lot last summer because it was a little to big back then'. I must say I do'n't like the oufit now when I'm looking at these pictures. But in real life it looks a lot more cute !

Found this picutres of last summer. The first 2 are made in Budapest, I went there with my aunts and nice. And the last one is made in Germany, I'm on a terrace with some people. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Just relaxing with some cold drinks and watching people pass by ! (:
Well that's it than.
I'm sorry for my bad english in this post, but my brain is a little confused at the moment.
I hope you like it !
And thank you for commenting and following (:


  1. Love the stipe dress.

  2. lovely dress!!

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  3. looks so fun!
    stunning dress!

    new outfit of today come check it out
    xo model from holland

    everyday new post (L)