Feb 23, 2011

I'm falling in love with your favorite song.

Hii Guys !

Almost vacation ! I've still got one day left, and Friday I won't be able to go to school because I need to pack my suitcase, haha ! Don't bother that at all, Friday is the worst day, qua lessons, too so I'm happy I don't have to go. Friday evening I'll go to Austria, but more about that you'll here in my next post, wich will appear Friday aswell.

You know, something really cool happend, well for me than. I got hyped 40 times on lookbook ! Now, you see, that's quite a lot to me, because on most of my looks I only got 10 hypes or so, and this is a new record for me. Therefore, thank you to all the people who hyped my look, I'll really appreciate it ! And now I was thinking about lookbook, I thought it was fun if I'd show you some of my favorite lookbookers ! There are so many wonderful people on lookbook with great styles, but my all time favorite is definitely Ebba Zingmark. I think she has an amazing style, and she all ready reached so much in the fashion world, and she's only 15 ! She's like my 'role model' haha

Ebba on Lookbook.

I have only one guy favorite on lookbook, and his name is Bobby Raffin, not only his style is amazing, his photographs are beautiful too !

This girl, Bebe Zeva, is just kick ass, haha ! She has got so much clothes where I would die for ! And like me she's into black (:

And my last favorite lookbooker is Kerti, I mean, look at her hair, I don't know if it's her real hair, but that doesn't matter to me. It just looks wonderful, and so is her style !

Well that's my post for today, I'm freezing right here so I'm going to make myself a big cup of hot chocolate !

Ps, I do not claim any rights, all the props goes to Ebba, Bobby, Bebe and Kerti.


  1. really nice blog :)
    love the style!
    I'm a new follower!



  2. These people are stunning!!

    jos xx

  3. Leuk!
    Mijn vakantie zit er al bijna weer op ;(

  4. Superleuk! Echt inspiratievol :)

  5. Super leuk, vooral dat eerste meisje ...


  6. Amazing blog!!!;) what do you think about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3 <3 <3

  7. ahh so great im gonna check it out!
    i have the same hair as the last one:P

    i have a new outfit post! maybe you can check?

    xo model from holland

    everyday a new post.

  8. i love all of these looks. <3 great choices

  9. Leeeuk! Ebba is ook mijn favoriet!
    Maar uhm... kun je de link van jou lookbook sturen? ik kon het nergens op je blog vinden.
    xxx demi knight


  10. thanks for commenting doll.

    i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check?

    xo model from holland.

    everyday a new post.

  11. haha i love the "role model" comment. that girl in all black looks really cool!

    p.s. austria sounds sooo fun (:

  12. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I love the style. And the artistic banner is beautiful!

  13. Your blog is gorgeous, love the people you have selected from lookbook. Plus thanks for the sweet comment, new post up :)

  14. Congrats for the hypes! i love all these styles :)

  15. I love the photos! The blonde hair is super gorgeous :) I wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my blog. Would you like to follow eachother? That way we can keep in touch :)



  16. The last outfit is so adorable!