Feb 3, 2011

INSPIRATION / Give Away Winner and other stuff !

Hii Guys

It's the 3th of February wich means that I've chosen a winner for my give-away ! Well I didn't choose, I used this random number generator. And the lucky winner is :
Tine van den Borne !
Congratulation Tine, I'll contact you and send the price to you this weekend (:

Just a little prove, for the ones who wonder.. x)

So, this post is kind of a mix up of all little things. First we had our give-away winner and now I'm happy to say that I received a award again !

This time Mel-Rose gave it to me, so thank you very much ! (:
I need to share another 7 things about me, so here we go :
1. I've never dyed my hair.
2. My favorite color to wear is black.
3. I like reading books, especially in the summer in my backyard.
4. I love the Harry Potter movies, Ron is kind of cute I think, haha (:
5. I really like reading my horoscoop, kind of believe in them x)
6. I don't believe in God, but I do think there's something after this life.
7. I share a diary with my two best friends, Shani and Shanna.

Check this out :  Little Lace Dress.


And than the last point I wanted to talk about ; Bloglovin. Reicently I've got this comment of a girl who said it was a pitty I don't have bloglovin. I know almost every blogger has bloglovin, but to be honest, I don't really know what it is.. But, my question to you is : Do you think I should join blogloving ?
Please let me know, because I'm only going to join if more people want me to !
Just some photographs I found really inspiring for the comming spring. Flower pattern, lace and shorts. Love it ! (:
source - weheartit.com

I hope you like it !
Thank you for commenting and following (:


  1. congrats!
    & i love little lace dress from Devina!
    and about blogloving.. i dont really use it because of the follow option of blogger. But maybe it could be nice for the people who dont have a blog at blogger. :]

  2. i honestly have no clue how bloglovin' works or anything, but i went on there there other day and saw i already had a few followers. i had no clue how this happened haha, but i just put the button in my sidebar afterwards.. i think it's just a way of reading and finding blogs, and since a lot of readers have them, might as well make it easier for them, right? <3

  3. I don't have bloglovin, is it just something similar to Google reader?

  4. Omg, dankje dankje dankje! Echt geweldig!

  5. Oh, baby lovely blog! great inspiration! i follow u now, hope u follow me back!! =) tnx for ur comment!=)


  6. hi doll!
    thanks for the lovely comment!
    so nice!
    i will follow you back!
    your stunning!

    xo model from holland

    everyday a new post,check it out!

  7. me encantan tus fotos (:

    Me sigues y te sigo?


  8. thanks for the sweet comment

    xo model from holland

    i have a new outfit post come check me out!

    every day a new post!

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