Jan 30, 2011

Sunday Sunshine 9

Lace top / Bershka
Shorts & Black ring / H&M
Ligh pink ring / Primark
Sleeveless vest & Denim jacket / Unknown
Necklace / Vintage 

Hii Guys !

There's a Sunday Sunshine again ! yeaaahh ! I know it's been a while that I did a Sunday Sunshine look, but to be honest I didn't feel like taking pictures every time. But yesterday I had enough time to take some pictures outside. The sun was shining and it looked so warm and nice outside. But it was freeeeeezing :S Because of the sun the pictures are a little bit overlighted, but hé, it's called Sunday SUNSHINE (: This weather always reminds me of skiing and wintersports, because it's the perfect weather for that. Cold but sunny. But when I wake up, here in Holland, and I see the sun and everything I want to wear summer clothes sooooo badly, but I know, that when I go outside it's freaking cold >.<
Today I'm going to buy some wintersport stuff, because there's a big sale in Rotterdam. And I need to do a lot of homework too .. And than the weekend is already over ):

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I'm off to Rotterdam !


  1. I have a same short :) Good idea for outfit! I follow you now, follow me too if you want :) xxx

  2. You're welcome! Do you want to follow me?

  3. Lovely outfit, I have a similar lace vest I got at H&M and I love those shorts.

  4. super cute! i really love the shorts :)


  5. i love lace&denim together so much, and you work it so well! <3

  6. I love these shorts and blouse :) Really nice outfit. I found ur comment at my blog so I decided to visit and follow u, very nice blog :)

  7. You look great! I love the sunshine :)

    The Flower Girl


  8. super fijne short!
    ben fan van de outfit!

    Thanks voor je comment,
    hebt al meegedaan aan je giveaway ;)

    x Je suis Sophie

  9. Hey Manon!
    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.
    Lovely shorts. I was just at H&M and they didn't have those there! But then again, we do live on completely opposite sides of the world. :)
    Come visit me again soon and I'll do the same and follow you!


  10. wow, what an amazing outfit!
    Weetje, ik praat makkelijker nederlands haha.
    en die overbelichte foto's zijn juist heel mooi.
    Hoe was het in rotterdam?
    liefs uit friesland

  11. oh ik vind dat broekje zooooo leuk <3

  12. ou god how cute shorts ♥ so cute blog anyway!