Jan 20, 2011

Award (:

Hii Guys !
So today I've received this Stylish blogger Award, and I think it's pretty Awesome (: It's the first time I've received an award like this, and the second time I got tagged. Of course I want to thank Miss K for giving me this award, Thank you ! So as you can see above I need to tell you 7 things you probably don't know about me. Here it comes :

 1. I love Jackass, Viva La Bam, Nitro Circus and all that kind of stuff, kind of my boyish side x)
 2. Before I go to sleep I always drink a cup of green tea.
 3. First I hated rings, braclets and necklaces. And know I can't stop buying them ! haha
 4. I don't like it when people in front of me are walking or cycling very slowly, it irritates me to death !
 5. I have a little sister, 5 years younger than me, and she has the most longest eyelashes I've ever seen (:
 6. I listen to punk/rock/alternative, most of the time people don't expect that from me.
 7. My lucky number is 3 !

I Award these bloggers :

Random picture I wanted to show you, because otherwise this post would be a little bit boring (:

I hope you like it !
Thank you for commenting and following (:


  1. Superbedankt dat ik erbij sta zeg! Leuke foto ;) Ik ga je bij mijn favoriete blogs (linkerzijde) zetten! <3

  2. Aaah wat leuk! Heel erg bedankt, ik ga zo een post maken met de links en de antwoorden:) Je blog is ontzettend leuk en mooi

  3. Aah wat leuk! Dankje, ik zet het morgen op mn blog!

    Hele mooie foto btw!

  4. Schattig dat gestippelde onder het gestreepte:)

  5. I love that photo of you! WOw, how can you drink green tea before bed?! It has so much caffeine!

  6. Haaaay manonn
    heb je al wat gehoord van de CosmoGirl?
    Ik hoop eigelijk best wel dat jij wint :D


  7. leuke blog!


  8. i loooove the title of your bloggg! en leuke outfit hier xo

  9. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I'll be happy to follow you. Hope you will follow me back :-)


  10. CONGRATS on the award and thanks for passing it on to me too.