May 29, 2017

INSPIRATION / Sustainable Fashion Wish List

Only 2 more weeks until I have to hand in the final version of my bachelor thesis! As soon as I'm done I'm going to buy myself a reward for all the hard work. I already created a little wish list so I can start daydreaming about all the pretty things #treatyoself!

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Red top by Reformation

I've decided that I want to add a nice red top to my wardrobe. Yesterday I saw this girl wearing the most stunning combination of a black/white striped pants and a red top and I thought: I want that too! This beautiful piece is by one of my favorite sustainable fashion brands, Reformation. During the production process of this top 10 lbs carbon dioxide, 55 gallons of water and 0.4 lbs of waste was saved. €114

Are you familiar with the brand Matt & Nat? They make beautiful bags, wallets and shoes. All vegan and environmental friendly! I've been spotting Matt & Nat bags here and there on Instagram and blogs and I'm seriously thinking about buying myself a nice crossbody bag, since I don't have one yet. This one is made of 100% recycled nylon lining. €110

Sunglasses by Dick Moby

Since I'll be enjoying the sun after I've handed in my bachelor thesis, I could use a nice pair of sunglasses. Every year I say to myself; let's buy a quality pair this time! But until now, this unfortunately has not happened yet. I never really know what kind of shape suits my face, but according to this helpfull article which I found on, I should get a nice round pair! I thought that now I know, I could invest in a nice, quality pair of sunglasses. Like these from Dick Moby. Dick Moby sells beautiful, sustainable eyewear made of recycled and bio-based acetate. €165

Dit is een goede gids by Marieke Eyskoot

Unfortunately this one's only for the Dutchies. I read some nice reviews about this book by Marieke Eyskoot. The book functions as a guide to a sustainable lifestyle and introduces you to nice sustainable brands and initiatives. Seems like a good read for during my summer holiday! €20

Denim jacket by Reclaimed Vintage

I've already introduced the brand Reclaimed Vintage to you in this post, but once again I have to give them some credit for the lovely collection they have at the moment. So far it's still one of the most affordable, sustainable fashion brands I've found that really suits my style. I reallyyyyy like this black denim jacket. I love how they added the ruffles to give it that little extra 'wow' effect! €81

Shoes by Matt & Nat

And lastly, another item from Matt & Nat (no, this is not a sponsored post haha). As you may know from my outfit posts, I hardly wear high heels. However, I do think every women needs a nice pair of black heels for when a fancy occasion arises. Unfortunately, the only heels I currently own are these cheap ones from Primark which give you blisters instantly. This pair from Matt & Natt, however, look incredibly comfortable and the best thing is that they are made of PU leather, which is way better for the environment and of course, didn't harm any animals. €110

And that's it for now! I hope to be back with an outfit post very soon!


  1. Dit soort schoenen staat ook op mijn wishlist! Leuk onder een spijkerrokje :)

  2. Dat spijkerjasje is zo tof! Ik ben al heel lang opzoek naar een mooie (en goedkope) zwarte. Nog steeds niet gevonden!

  3. i like all the things that you mentioned on your list amazing article

  4. I love Matt & Nat so much !

  5. These are perfect to treat yourself with. I love the red shirt with those shoes.
    I just followed your lovely blog (#680). Please follow back and stay in touch.

  6. I need a pair of black mules for the summer! Great post

  7. Een sustainable wishlist, zo tof! Die top is ook echt supermooi!

  8. Leuke wishlist! Ik vind die zonnebril echt super leuk! :D

  9. Leuke lijst meid. Ik ben de laatste tijd erg nieuwsgierig geworden naar het boek Dit is een goede gids, misschien voor in de zomer inderdaad maar eens in huis halen!