Apr 21, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY / Iceland Photo Diary

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Wednesday evening I came back from the most amazing week in Iceland. The ones who follow me on Instagram (@manonmargaretha) might have already seen some of the beautiful landscapes and waterfalls I've seen. However, I still wanted to dedicate one post to my trip to Iceland and hopefully inspire you to visit this beautiful country yourself some time!

Despite the fact that I took way less photographs than I'd expected (it was simply too cold to keep your hands outside of your pockets for too long haha), I still think they turned out quite nice. Still, it's impossible to really capture the beauty of the Icelandic landscapes. Somehow there are so many colours you don't see in other landscapes, and these just don't fully come to their rights through a photograph. For example, the blues in the water were absolutely amazing; so bright and such a different colour than for example the water in the ocean. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the nice scenery! And if you have any questions about what the waterfalls are called, or where a photograph was taken, don't hesitate to ask! 

The coming weeks I'll be very busy with my bachelor thesis, but I hope to share another outfit post with you guys soon!


  1. Wauw, wat zijn dit prachtige shots! Vooral die met de regenboog en de mensen erbij is heel mooi. X

  2. Hele mooie foto's. Ik zou daar ook wel een keer naartoe willen

  3. Wauw Wauw Wauw, zoooooo mooi! Aah, wat zou ik ook graag een keertje naar iceland willen :)

  4. Waauw, dit ziet er zo mooi uit! Ik wil onwijs graag ook een keer naar IJsland hihi :)

    xx Alex