Mar 16, 2017

INSPIRATION / Introducing Reformation

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It has been a while since I shared an inspiration post with you. The reason behind that is that I don't really like making those kind of posts anymore. I always feel like people who read blogs are seeing a lot of inspiration posts already, so why would I bother you with even more of them. However, very occasionally I come across something I'm really excited about, something I just háve to share with you. And that happened today! 

As most of you probably know by now, I stopped buying fast fashion about 3 months ago. Since then I've been scouring vintage and secondhand shops, but I've also been searching for new sustainable fashion brands. The holy grail is to find a brand that is sustainable, fashionable ánd affordable. A few months ago I already found and shared with you the lovely brand Reclaimed Vintage and this time I want to put Reformation in the spotlight. So far it's the most stylish and sustainable fashion brand I ran into. I love every. single. piece. of their collection. From the floral dresses to the striped pants; I want it all.

But most importantly, of course, is that Reformation puts sustainability at the core of their business. They track down the impact of each garment on the environment and try to minimize that impact. You can see exactly how much carbon dioxide, water and waste was saved for each piece by going to the product page. Take for example the striped jumpsuit above. When you go to the product page you'll see that the production of it only generated 1.5 pounds of waste in comparison to the industry's standard of 4.7 pounds. Also, three times less water was wasted than with the production of 'normal' fashion. Small things like this make me so happy and hopeful for the future of fashion! 

The only downside is that Reformation has a more expensive price tag. However, in my opinion a beautiful dress is worth saving for!

Tell me, what do you think of Reformation?

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  1. Echt tof dat je het zo goed volhoudt! Deze items zien er erg mooi uit, ik ga er even een kijkje nemen :)