Mar 12, 2017

FASHION / Welcoming Back Florals

top - c&a | dress - vintage

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top - c&a | dress - vintage | shoes - zara

Finally, spring is in the air! One of the first items I always pull out of my wardrobe as soon as the temperature starts rising is this dress. To me it's the perfect spring garment. It's flowy and it has floral print; I almost feel like a blossoming flower myself haha! Another positive outcome of the rising temperature is that I don't have to freeze to death while taking outfit pictures anymore. Hopefully this will allow me to start taking more outfit pictures again!

And thank you for the sweet birthday wishes on my last post, you guys are the best!

Are you excited for spring?


  1. Suuupertoffe outfit! Die jurk is zo pretty<3 X

  2. Zo blij dat het bijna lente is, eindelijk kan ik toffe kleurtjes uit mijn kleerkast halen. :)

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