Feb 15, 2017

PERSONAL / 3 Months without Fast Fashion; How's it Going?

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As some of you  might remember, I've stopped buying fast fashion a while ago. Exactly 3 months ago I shared this post with you in which I talked about my buying behavior with regards to fashion. Even though I've always loved thrifted and vintage clothing, I've limited myself to only buying exactly that for the last 3 months. With the exception of sustainable, recycled clothing. Since I got quite some positive reactions on this decision I thought it would be nice to share with you how it has been the past couple of months.

Well first of all I have to say that it has been pretty easy to hold myself back from walking into a Monki, COS or any other shop I walk across on a daily basis. I just kept myself from looking at the shopping window and everything was fine haha. However, there have been a few moments that I really felt the urge of just buying something, I'm sure you all know that feeling. However, when I then visited my local vintage shops and couldn't find anything I really felt dissatisfied. Also during the holidays I had a difficult time finding a nice dress, but luckily I discovered the brand Reclaimed Vintage (available at Asos).

So, now you might wonder, what did you buy the last couple of months. Well, not that much to be honest. But that's a good thing; both for environmental matters and financial matters haha. I bought a few vintage items, in local thrift shops or established vintage shops, like Episode in Amsterdam. In addition to that, I bought a nice dress from Reclaimed Vintage and a t-shirt & pantalon from H&M Conscious.

I guess you can say; so far, so great!


  1. Wauw wat super knap dat je dit doet!
    Ik vind het heel tof, het heeft mij aan het nadenken gezegd.
    Misschien ga ik het ook wel doen!

  2. Je bent echt heel goed bezig, knap dat je dit doet!

  3. Wauw, knap hoor! Ik kan vooral niet weerstaan aan de lokroep van Zara.

  4. Wow wat goed van je! zeker iets om over na te denken