Feb 1, 2017

FASHION / A Matchy Situation

sweater dress - monki | mug - ikea

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sweater dress - monki | mug - ikea

A little while ago I had one of those study days on which you don't leave the house and literally become one with your study books and laptop. On days like that I love to wear my huge sweater dress from Monki. This is by far the most comfortable thing I own; I even like it better than my sweatpants. Anyways, that evening Dylan came by for dinner and he noticed the matchy situation I was in. My coffee mug and sweater dress are a perfect match! At the time I was too busy to take pictures, but now that my exams are over I thought, why not take some photos? Using a coffee mug as an accessory, isn't that original or what?

Hopefully there will be another, proper outfit post online later this week!