Jan 9, 2017

FASHION / First of the Year

sweater & shoes - zara | jeans - cos | bag - gamiss

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sweater & shoes - zara | jeans - cos | bag - gamiss

As you may have noticed, I took a small break from blogging during the first week of 2017. It was not entirely planned, but it was just a very strange week for me. So many things have happened that it feels like more than just one week has passed. First of all, my family and I had to say goodbye to both my grandpa and grandma. They already passed away some time ago, but this week we scattered the ashes which really made the fact that they're gone feel so definite. I also had to say goodbye to my best friend. She's going to study in Iceland for the coming 6 months and I'm going to miss her like hell. But at the same time I'm so happy for her, it's going to be her biggest adventure just yet. Anyways, I'm planning to come and visit her somewhere in April, so exciting!

Besides the goodbyes I also did fun things. I celebrated New Year's Eve on a rooftop, visited the Amsterdam Light Festival and had lunches and dinners with friends. Unfortunately I had to end the week in bed because I was quite ill for two days. Luckily I recovered yesterday so I can start this new week fresh! Although you can still tell from my face I'm not 100% okay haha, I look so pale and tired.

Anyways, I hope you like this first outfit of 2017!


  1. Hele mooie look dit! <3


  2. Ik vind je sweater heel tof!


  3. Dat klinkt inderdaad als een heftig weekje, ook balen dat je ziek werd (maar fijn dat het nu weer beter gaat!) Je look is weer heel tof!