Nov 28, 2016

FASHION / In The British Museum

sweater - vintage | pantalon - topshop

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sweater & belt - vintage | pantalon - topshop | shoes - vagabond

Hey there! I'm sorry for the lesser quality of these photographs, but they were taken inside The British Museum where I had some trouble with finding the right lightning. And yes, you read that right. Last weekend I visited The British Museum in London! Thursday morning Dylan and I hopped on an airplane to celebrate his birthday in the big city. We got back yesterday afternoon and I'll probably upload a little photo diary of our adventures somewhere later this week. But for now, just some quick outfit shots :) I'm still obsessing with this amazing sweater which only cost me €5. I bought it last year and now that I'm writing this I'm wondering how often this sweater has already appeared on the blog? Maybe once or twice, but hey who cares!

Stay tuned for my London travel diary!


  1. Dat museum is zo mooi! Leuk deze outfit :)

  2. Die trui is zo leuk! Ben al nieuwsgierig naar je avonturen in Londen. :)

  3. Ik vind de kwaliteit helemaal niet zo slecht hoor! Ik vind het leuke foto's!


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