Apr 2, 2016

FASHION / These New Pants Make Me Pretty Happy

top - c&a | pants - weekday | bag - unknown

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top - c&a | pants - weekday | bag - unknown | socks - monki | shoes - primark

The day after I got back home from Copenhagen I was experiencing  an after-travel-dip. Or at least that's what I like to call it. I really didn't wanted to be back home again and I thought everything was boring haha. Do you ever have that feeling after returning from an amazing holiday? Anyways, the only thing I really wanted to do was booking another holiday right away, but since I don't have a tree that grows money, that was impossible. So instead I went out on the streets and bought this amazing pair of pants at Weekday. They were 50% off and they were the last ones in my size! I know it's not a ticket to a new destination, but this makes me pretty happy too!

What do you think about my new pants!


  1. Echt n hele mooie outfit! Staat je heel gaaf

  2. Leuke combi! Ik besef me nu net dat ik ook nog een vintage exemplaar ergens moet hebben liggen haha.