Mar 17, 2016

INSPIRATION / Wardrobe Wishes: Zara Edition

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I haven't been shopping a lot lately, and especially not in regular shops. All the things that have been added to my wardrobe the last few months were either a gift or thrifted / vintage. However, I am in desperate need of some new spring items haha. So, as usual, I started with some online browsing through my favourite webshops. And then I came across Zara. It has been a veeeery long time since my last purchase at Zara but I was happily surprised with their current collection! I love all the light materials and wide sleeves. Oh, and you know how patchwork is currently thing? Well Zara has a very nice pair of jeans that fits the trend. Anyways, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite with the idea that it will inspire you!

And that's it for now!


  1. te leuke dingen! vooral 1 & 6 :)

  2. Zo leuk allemaal! Vooral die broek met patches, love it. Moet snel weer een bezoekje brengen aan de Zara zie ik! :)