Feb 18, 2016

INSPIRATION / Normally I don't like Orange

shein coat | monki top | new look skirt | h&m bag | invito boots

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Hi Guys! I can't believe we're already halfway through February. But I'm super happy about it because it means so many fun things are coming closer and closer. To begin with, tomorrow I'll finally go to Austria to go snowboarding! And then, on the 1st of March, I will turn 20. Yup, I'm leaving my teenage years behind and welcome the fantastic twenties. Anyways, today I put an outfit together with some lovely pieces I came across while scrolling through some of my favourite webshops. Normally I don't like the colour orange at all, but this top from Monki is so cool! And well, it will just go perfectly together with a black, button skirt like this one from New Look. 

Are you going skiing or snowboarding?


  1. Wat leuk, bijna jarig! Enjoy :)! Super toffe outfit dit, ik zou het zo aantrekken!

  2. Toffe items, maar nee geen van beide ;)

  3. oeh dit zou echt een gave look zijn! veel plezier op vakantie :)

  4. I have never gone TO the snow for vacation, I've often escaped it, though. I know a lot of people that love to go snowboarding and they always tell me to go, but I am more of a palm tree and sunshine kind of person :) Loving that coat by the way, it is gorgeous!

  5. Ahh dit is echt een gave look :) fijne vakantie!

  6. Nice! Zou het ook zo dragen! En die top is echt super inderdaad!