Feb 24, 2016

BEAUTY / Fresh by Moschino

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A little while ago I told you about the Proefparade, a press day which was all about new beauty products. The highlight of the day was the preview of the new fragrance by Moschino; Fresh. It's an absolute eyecatcher since the bottle looks like no other one. Besides that, the fragrance also smells really nice of course. There are some florals and fruits in there, which makes it a really fresh (hello, the name says it all) scent for the summer! Here in the Netherlands the fragrance will be launched in March, but if you cannot wait that long, you can already get it online!

Which fragrance do you wear?


  1. Wow, wat een opvallende fles zeg. Tof bedacht :)! Heerlijk, zo origineel.

  2. Het flesje is zo leuk haha! Ben benieuwd naar de geur zelf :)

  3. Ik vind de 'flacon' heel erg leuk en origineel!

  4. Heel veel liefde voor je eerste foto :)