Jan 29, 2016

FASHION / A Lazy Day in Grey

shirt - sammydress

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shirt - sammydress

Sometimes you have those lazy days when you just want to hang around in a comfortable tee all day long. Well, I had a day like that yesterday haha. I put on this new tee from Sammydress and just chilled around the entire day. Doing some reading, some photo editing, that kind of stuff. Today, however, I had no time to be lazy. First I had to go to school to start with a new course, and after that I had a job interview for an internship. I don't know if I'd already told you this, but in April I have to start an internship for school. I had 2 interviews this week and I have good feeling about it. So hopefully there will be the happy announcement that I found an internship somewhere next week haha.

Have you ever been an intern?


  1. Oeh, fijn! Lekker warm voor de winter :). En alles met strepen is goed. Fijn weekend!

  2. ah ziet er lekker comfy uit :)

  3. Mooi zeg! Die rits voegt ook wat toe :) Fijn dat je gesprek goed ging!

  4. Leuk je blog te ontdekken vanuit de comments op The Bloggerlist! Staat je erg mooi dit!