Dec 15, 2015

FASHION / Dots & Lace

dress - monki | shirt - vintage

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   dress - monki | shirt - vintage | shoes - vagabond

Okay, so I actually posted this outfit yesterday, but somehow it never turned up on bloglovin, which is very annoying because I get most of my visitors through bloglovin. So, this is my second attempt to share this outfit with you, hopefully it worked and you're reading this right now haha!

Remember this white garage door haha? It's been a while since my little sister took pictures of me in front of this garage door. But since I spend the last couple of days in my old hometown I thought I'd ask her if she wanted to take these pictures once more. The outfit, though, isn't that special. Since I hadn't really planned on taking any outfit pictures while I was at my parent's house, I didn't take that many clothes with me. So this is just a simple combination, but I still kinda like it!

And that's it for now. I'm off packing my bags and traveling back to Rotterdam!


  1. The post is so great! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Looking gorgeous! And I love your hair color :)


  3. What a stunning outfit :) I like the polka dot shirt and you have such beautiful hair

    Rachel xx

  4. I hate it when Bloglovin screws up - glad you reposted it though cos it looks amazing on you. I love how you style you're outfits, looks gorgeous xx

    Sophie Elizabeth