Nov 24, 2015

INSPIRATION / Gifts for your Guy

metallic blue shoes - Invito | bowtie - river island | wall art - society6 | bag - venour | socks - river island | baseball tee - h&m | sweater - carhartt | cap - polar | converse all stars - Invito

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Gifts for your guy, whether he's your boyfriend, brother or best friend. Since the holiday season is coming closer I though it would be fun to share some gift inspiration. I always find it hard to score nice presents for Dylan, especially since he's not the 'beer & soccer' kind of guy (thank god for that). Most of the time I end op with wearable presents, or something fun like a little piece of wall art. 

Since everyone has a different price range, I've put cheap as well as expensive items on the list. When your wallet is basically empty you can go for smaller items like this classy bowtie or funny socks, both from River Island. When you have a little more money to spend, go for a nice sweater or cap. Make sure you know your boyfriend's size of course! And for the people who feel like really giving the best gift ever, get your guy a nice pair of shoes. Although not all of them admit it, lots of guys can be considered shoeaholics, I speak from experience! At Invito you can find both the classic all stars or a fancy, colored pair for the guy who's more adventurous in fashion! 

What do you like to buy for the guys in your life?


  1. Leuke ideeën! Ik vind sokken altijd leuk om te geven haha :)

  2. I want everything :D

    Amazing sellection :D

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  3. Ik vind die sokken, pet en baseball tee wel tof!

  4. Ik blijf het voor jongens moeilijk vinden om cadeau's te kopen, vreselijk haha! Fijne inspiratie XO

  5. Jammer genoeg is mijn boyfriend een specialleke die niets is met zulke lijstjes :D maar ik ben er zeker van dat dit vele meiden zal helpen een kado te kiezen!!


  6. Zulke leuke ideeën! Die sokken zijn echt fantastisch :)

  7. cool :))

    xoxo, rae

  8. Leuke inspiratielijst. Het blijft een moeilijke klus om iets voor jongens te vinden vind ik!