Nov 30, 2015

FASHION / Winter Florals

sweater - monki | dress - vintage | shoes - vagabond

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  sweater - monki | dress - vintage | shoes - vagabond

About my life. Yesterday I made a little roadtrip with my two best friends and that was so much fun! We just started driving untill we saw a city we thought would be fun to visit. Eventually we ended up in Haarlem, in which I'd surprisingly had never been before. Although the weather was pretty bad, we still had a good time. We walked through some cute streets (see the pictures), had some tea, had some fries and visited a small and free archeology museum. All very random, but so much fun!

About my outfit. Because the weather was so grey I wanted to put some color in the day, so I decided to wear my grandma dress! Because the dress on its own is way to cold right now I combined it with my favorite black sweater, and I love how it turned out! 

Have you ever tried to combine your summer dress with your winter sweater?