Oct 18, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY / Fresh Memories

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Happy Sunday afternoon everybody! I hope you had a lovely weekend just like I did. Yesterday I went out for luch with some close high school friends, which I hadn't seen for a looong time. It was really nice catching up, and we actually made a plan to see each other again next week! At night, another friend came over and after having some wine at my place we went out dancing in Rotterdam. There was a party named Kill all Hipsters and it's one of my favourite parties because the music is good and the vibe is fantastic. It always feels like one big house party! Anyways, today I'm spending the day doing some school work and hanging around in my pajamas. Thought it was suitable to end the week with sharing my favorite instagram pictures of the last couple of weeks. As you can see they involve art & fashion and coffee & candy. If you like what you see, you can follow me; @manonmargaretha

And that's it for now!


  1. Je weekend klinkt erg fijn! En toffe Instagramfoto's. X

  2. they are all so beautiful! great blog, by the way!! i can't wait to read more!! if you get the chance, i'd love it if you would check out my blog and let me know what you think! you're opinion would be great!

    also, i have a discount code for an etsy store that i think you would really like (it fits your style). i figured you might be interested!
    it's in my most recent post

    have a great week! :)
    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  3. Prachtig, je foto's geven me echt zo'n wauw-gevoel. Ik ga je gelijk volgen :) Liefs!

  4. Oeh hele leuke foto's, ik ga je gelijk volgen op insta hahaa :)