Oct 13, 2015

FASHION / Shapeless and I'm lovin' it.

dress - monki | shoes - vagabond

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dress - monki | shoes - vagabond

About my life. Oops, I actually attempted to post these pictures yesterday, but then I spontaneously went out for an Italian dinner with Dylan in Amsterdam. The sun was out all day and,in my opinion, then the city is at it prettiest. We walked around a bit and I started my quest for a new wintercoat at the topshop and american apparel, without any luck unfortunately. Just like last year, I see a lot of coats that I really like, but they are never warm enough. Nowadays, almost all coats have such a low neckline, and I don't want to necessarily wear a scarf every day to stay warm.

About the outfit. Does this dress somehow look familiar to you? It is supposed to haha! It's the dress from my wishlist from a week ago! I went to Monki, looked for the dress, found it and brought it home with me. It's without doubt the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe right now, I never want to take it off. Photographs by FotosvanKaren.

And that's it for now, have a good day! 


  1. die jurk ziet er inderdaad super comfy uit! staat je goed :)

  2. super:) xx

  3. Ik vind zulke jurkjes zo leuk vooral met het koudere weer nu met een paar laarsjes..heel leuk! X

  4. Ik vind het een heel tof jurkje! De schoenen heb ik ook :D meest comfortabele dingen ever

    1. Ja deze schoenen zitten ook zo lekker! Ik draag ze bijna elke dag haha x

  5. Wat zie je super leuk uit! Dit jurkje staat je echt onwijs goed, I like!


  6. Wat een leuke jurk, lijkt me lekker comfy ook!

  7. Zo'n jurk kan niet shapeless genoeg zijn! Blijft mooi!!