Sep 6, 2015

3 art & fashion exhibitions in Rotterdam you don't want to miss!

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Het Nederlands Fotomuseum - Horst P. Horst: Photographer of Style.
The Dutch Photomuseum presents the first major retrospective exhibition in the Netherlands of the work of Horst P. Horst. He was one of the most important fashion photographers of the twentieth century. He regularly shot for Vogue, he photographed work of couturiers such as Coco Chanel and he even cooperated with artists such as Dali. If you like photography, art, fahion, design or all of these, you definitely don't want to miss this exhibition. Especially since there are some vintage prints in the collection that have seldom or even never been on display before! 26 Sep 2015 / 10 Jan 2016

Het Nieuwe Instituut - Temporary Fashionmuseum.
So far, we don't have a real national fashion museum here in The Netherlands. But The New Institute in Rotterdam is going to explore the possibilities by transforming into a fashionmuseum for 8 months. The temporary fashionmuseum focuses on how fashion deals with time: "Fashion has quietly revolutionised the idea of innovation by selling the past as the future and thus repeatedly re-shaping the present. This is in stark contrast to the idea that innovation always emerges from technological progress. In this way fashion has stretched the concept of the present so far that it now encompasses the past and the future." The most fun thing in my opinion about this exhibition is that the visitor will play a large role. We can not only view the clothing, but also try them on, borrow them or buy them! 13 Sep 2015 / 8 May 2016
De kunsthal - Keith Haring: The Political Line.
We probably all know them, the sticky mens by Keith Haring. This autumn the Kunsthal in Rotterdam presents a major exhibition on the life and work of this influential artist. The Political Line is the first exhibition in the Netherlands to highlight the social and political aspects of Haring's life and work. There will be 120 works on display so prepare yourself to be overwhelmed! 20 Sep 2015 / 7 Feb 2016

I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe I'll see you at one of these exhibitions!


  1. I live too far, but if I could, I would come just to see Keith Haring!

  2. Tof! Ik ga ze in gedachte houden.

    Liefs Judith