Aug 10, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY / Prague Photo Diary

Hello from my room in Rotterdam again! Yesterday afternoon I got back home from my lovely trip to Prague. And man, what a week. Prague is an incredibly beautiful city, literally every building has a different color or a tiny tower or a facade that is breathtaking. If you forget about all the tourists it's almost like you're walking around in a medieval town. 

See more of the beautiful city of Prague by clicking on the read more button!

Besides showing you these pictures, I'd also like to talk a bit more about the things I've done during my stay in Prague. And maybe inspire you for your future trip to Prague! One of the things I enjoyed the most was renting a paddleboat and floating around the tiny islands that lay in the river. Since it was really hot it was nice to put your feet in the water, and Dylan even jumped in it and had a little swim haha! Of course you also have a beautiful view all around you! One of the other things I really liked was visiting some gardens. Like the Wallenstein Gardens, the Palace Gardens and the Royal Gardens. There's a certain amount of silence there which makes it perfect to escape the crowded city for a while. And of course, they just look beautiful! And lastly I loved going to some higher places (on top of hills) to have a view over the entire city. We walked up the Petrin hill and even went into the Petrin tower, which is a small replica of the Eiffeltower. Although small, I wouldn't recommend visiting the top of the tower when you're afraid of hights haha! It's an open building so you can feel a lot of wind which even made me nervous haha.

And that was my trip to Prague in a nutshell! Wednesday morning I'll be leaving Rotterdam again, and head over to Malaga, in the south of Spain. Stay up to date by following my on instagram: @manonmargaretha


  1. Mooie foto's! Het lijkt me geweldig om Praag eens te bezoeken! Veel plezier alvast in Spanje :)

  2. This looks amazing :) I´m also going to prague this year! xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. Amazing views! Great post. xoxo

  4. Het is echt heel mooi daar! Ik wil er ook heen :)


  5. Wauw, echt prachtige foto's!!!!

  6. Oh, Praag lijkt me zo'n mooie stad! Heb er een vriendin wonen, dus moet echt dringend een daarheen! Je prachtige foto's hebben me nog meer overtuigd dat ik naar Praag wil :D
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  7. Wauw het lijkt me er ontzettend mooi! :D

  8. Mooie foto's. Praag lijkt me dan ook zeker een te bezoeken stad.

  9. Beautiful photos. I hope to visit Prague one day :)

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