Jul 30, 2015

INSPIRATION / My city trip essentials

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Since I'll be heading to Prague this Monday, I thought I'd make a blogpost with a matching topic: my city trip essentials! Although they might not be very different from other bloggers their essentials, I still thougth it would be fun to share this with you and at the same time share some of my favorite 

I will start with a very obvious, but therefore not less important, city trip essential: comfortable shoes in which you can walk for hours! I like to wear flat, firm sandals or basic sneakers.In my opinion, slip ons are the perfect shoes to go city trippin' in, you know why? Because they come on and off so easily, which is easy when you're going from fitting room to fitting room during shoppping haha! 

Another big big essential is a bag with the perfect size. It shouldn't be too big since you have to carry it around all day. But at the same time it has to be big enough for you camera, bottle of water, sunglasses, wallet etc. etc. 

Which leads me to my other essentails: sunglasses, a bottle of water (or coffee), a camera and your wallet with some cash. Even though you're not going to a sunny country it's still important to bring your sunglasses. You're likely to be outside the entire day, looking up to all the beautiful buildings. So when that sun does come out, even though you hadn't expect it to, you're eyes will be thankful for some protection. In addition, having some water with you at all time is important as well. And it can save you some money! However, make sure that when you drink a lot you also have some cash in your wallet, because you often have to pay to use public restrooms! And the last one in this section, your camera, doesn't need any explanation right?

And last but not least, I'd always like to have with me: bandages, preferably cute ones like these with unicorns, an umbrella, and some lip balm. 

And that's it for now! I'll probably make one more outfit post before I leave, so stay tuned!


  1. Love the cat eye sunglasses, so chic!! Xx

  2. Handige items zeg! Ik vind die schoenen zoooo tof!!

  3. Zulke schoenen zijn echt super fijn, ik heb zelf ook een paar!

  4. Wat een schattige pleisters! Heel leuke wishlist heb je gemaakt, origineel, en heel mooie items! En op vlak van schoenen ben ik 100% akkoord haha :D Alvast veel plezier gewenst in Praag!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics