Jul 28, 2015

FASHION / On the other side of reality

shirt - vintage | pantalon - topshop | shoes - primark

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  shirt - vintage | pantalon - topshop | shoes - primark

Remember my last post? In wich I talked about how I would be walking in a parade, created by Marga Weimans last Saturday. Well, unfortunately, that parade was cancelled due to very bad weather :( Very early in the morning I got a call that they were expecting so much rain, and such a strong wind that it would be unsafe to let the parade take place. As disappointed as I was, I was also relieved, Because who likes to walk in the pouring rain for 6 hours? Ready to snuggle back into bed again, I got another call from the organization. They had decided to replace the parade by making a videoclip and doing a live performance in the museum! And this was such a good idea! I had a lovely day and I'm so curious to see the end result. I have no idea when the video will be finished, it can be tomorrow but it could just as good be next month haha. Anyways, when they release it I will be sure to share it with you! 

And that's it for now! I'm counting down to Prague, only 5 days left wooeehh!


  1. Gelukkig hoefde je niet in de regen te lopen, ben benieuwd naar de video!! Leuke outfit, vind je bloesje echt tof :) x

  2. Great:) xx

  3. You look stunning! Leuk gecombineerd! X