Jun 14, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY / Instagram favorites

See more of my favorite instagram photographs by clicking on the read more button. 

Unlike a lot of other bloggers I don't have a weekly post where I show my latest instagram feed. The reason for this is that I think it's a bit too much, since people who are interested in my instagram, have probably seen the photographs on there already. However, once in a while I do think it's fun to pick some of my favourite photographs and put them together. This time I used a simple instagram tag. I hope you like it!

On the left you can see the very first photo I posted on Instagram. This was last summer and I took the picture just before I headed out to hang with some friends. And on the right you can see the latest photo I posted, a detail of my last outfit!

These two photographs are the ones that you guys liked the most. On the left you can see the first outfit picture I took in my new place in Rotterdam and on the right you can see a selfie. I'm not a selfie kind of person, but I really like this one as well!

My two favorite foodie photographs! As much as I love food, my instagram feed surprisingly doesn't contain a lot of food photographs. On the left you can see the best carrot cake I've ever ate and on right you can see some delicious vegan cupcakes. 

Above you can see two photographs that make me wish that I could go back in time. On the left you can see the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, nothing really special actually, but I just happen to have this thing for bridges. Especially when the sun's out and the water is shimmering beneath you. This photograph simply reminds me of a lovely summer day. And on the right you can see the beautiful Austrian mountains. Snowboarding is without doubt my favorite sport and my annual trip to Austria is the best week of the year! 

And these are my two favorite selfies, although the right one isn't an actual selfie haha. It was taken in the Kunsthal at an exhibition which I really enjoyed. I took the selfie on the left just after I finished unpacking all my stuff in my new place, which is already about a month ago. Man, time flies!

And then we're already at the end of this list. These are my two favorite animal photographs. Unfortunately, the jellyfish isn't alive but it sure looked very pretty. The adorable cat is from my best friend and she's so cute, especially when she matches your shoes haha!

And that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this, and if yes, make sure to check out my other photographs here! (@manonmargaretha)


  1. Leuke fotootjes heb je! En die kat is te schattig, ahh.

  2. Omg die taartjes <3 en die cactussen zijn zo leuk ook! Kusjes

  3. Amazing post dear!