Jun 3, 2015

FASHION / backwards

turtleneck - vintage | top - asos | jeans - monki 

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turtleneck - vintage | top - asos | jeans - monki | shoes - vagabond

Hello people! The final countdown has begun, only 10 more days untill my loooong summer holiday! Today the die-hard studying has begun and I'm already tired of it. Luckily I have some fun things planned for the coming weekend, so my life won't be all about stuyding haha. Friday I'm going to a nice little festival in Delft, and on Saturday I'll be attending an opening of an art exhibition in The Hague. Oh, and I've heard that the weather is going to be ridiculously good the coming days, so I'm looking forward to wearing some bare legged outfits! 

And I'm sorry for my hairdo here, once again, I had a bad hairday. As soon as my holiday starts, I'm going to the hairdresser!


  1. Mooie foto's weer! En die broek is echt zó leuk! :)

  2. Toffe look! Ik vind je haar juist leuk zo, lekker messy :)


  3. Heel leuke outfit!
    En ja haar is leuk hoor, zo, staat je goed!
    XO Imke // www.pastellics.com

  4. I love your monochromatic style!! Thanks for visiting, I followed you on GFC!