May 11, 2015

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sandals & dress - forever21 | shirt - vintage | bikini bottom - h&m

Pfoee, the last few days have been very chaotic and at the same time terrible and terribly fun, how weird is that? It all started Thursday night when I went out for dinner with Dylan. During the evening my throat started to feel soar and I started to feel a bit feebly. The next morning, something I was already afraid of happened; I was ill. The timing couldn't have been worse, because I had booked a trip to Antwerp for this weekend which couldn't be canceled anymore! I stayed in bed the entire Friday in the hope that Saturday morning I would feel better. The next morning I woke up feeling still terrible, but I hopped on the train together with my little sister anyway. A few hours later the painkillers started to kick in and we had a fun day shopping. You can see the result above; some black summer essentials! On Sunday I just took a shit load of painkillers again, and we visited MOMU and the city park. But, now that I'm back I can feel that my body really needs some necessary rest to get better. Unfortunately, I can't give it because I'm so busy with school and moving my last stuff to my new place. 

Sometimes I wish I could hit a pause button, don't you? 


  1. Love the things you bought and I hope you'll get better soon!

  2. Ah, wat vervelend ja! Beterschap! Je hebt wel hele toffe dingen geshopt in Antwerpen! ♥

  3. Ugh, ik ben ook altijd ziek op het verkeerde moment. Leuke dingen!

  4. ooh this is great! :)) have a lovely day!


  5. Die sandaaltjes zijn echt geweldig! En ugh, ziek zijn komt altijd op het verkeerde moment (maar aan de andere kant, is er ooit een goede tijd om ziek te zijn?)