Mar 3, 2015

FASHION / nineteen years on this planet

top - h&m | dress - oasap | shoes - vagabond

About my life. I'm back! Sunday around noon I came back from an amazing week full of snowboarding and partying. I can't believe it's already over and that I'll have to wait a whole year to go to Austria again. But, I'm not complaining. I'm very grateful that I have the opportunity (read money) to go snowboarding every year. It is a real privilege and one week is definitely better than none! Besides the fact that I returned to the cold and ugly Netherlands on Sunday, it was also my 19th birthday. Happy, belated, birthday to me haha. Because of the fact that I just got home from my holiday and was very tired I didn't really celebrated it that day. However, I did have some delicious cake and my boyfriend as lovely company. Maybe I will throw a little party, or go to a party with good friends later this month

About this outfit. Although spring is just around the corner, the weather in The Netherlands feels like autumn. It's cold, rainy and it feels like the wind never stops blowing me of my feet. All these factors aren't particular convenient when taking outfit pictures, so therefore here as just some quick snapshots taken in my backyard. After wearing snowboard pants and big sweatshirts for a week I feel the extreme urge to wear dresses. However, since I'm still pretty tired and have to catch up a lot of schoolwork, I do want to feel as comfortable as possible. The result is this comfortable, yet classy outfit. ( I feel like I say this a lot, maybe I should start calling my style comfortable yet classy haha?)

And that's it for now. Hopefully the weather will get better soon so I can provide you with some quality outfit posts!


  1. Nog een verlate gelukkige verjaardag gewenst!
    Leuke outfit, staat je heel goed!

    XO Imke

  2. Die tweede foto is tof! En mooi gecombineerd zo, je top met de jurk.
    En jeeeeej, ik wil ook nog even taart met je eten voor je verjaardag! Of een drankje doen! Of allebei.