Dec 12, 2014

INSPIRATION / things I think about on a rainy day

Hi Guys!

Sometimes life gets in the way, and today is that kind of day. I had planned on taking outfit pictures with my scarf this Friday but there are a few things that made sure that it was not gonna happen. First of all, I'm not feeling so well which makes me look tired and very pale. Secondly, it has been raining all day, literally non-stop. And thirdly, the scarf I wanted to take pictures of has not even been delivered yet. As you can see life made it pretty much impossible to keep on track with my plan haha. However, due to this I did have plenty enough of time to spend some time on tumblr, which I haven't done in a loooong time. And as some of you might know, once you start scrolling down your dashboard, it is hard to stop. I collected a few of my favorite photographs and made a collage for you guys, just to share what is on my mind while it's pouring outside. If only santa could bring me all of the outfits in these photographs..

And that's it for now!