Dec 28, 2014

FASHION / dots all over

top & belt - vintage / jeans - h&m / shoes - zara / ring - cos

My first pair of real, denim blue jeans! Yes, you've read that right, this is actually the first pair of denim jeans in my closet. About 3/4 years ago I stopped wearing jeans, or actually pants at all. I became hooked on tights and I wore them the year around, even when it was freezing. And though I still wear tights a lot, even when it's extremely cold, I have developed a new thing for jeans and pants. I have black jeans, black scuba pants, a black pantalon etc. etc. and now I have blue jeans as well! However, they're not just 'plain' jeans, the dots all over actually were the reason I bought them. It gives me a kind of vintage feel, and that of course cannot be better combined than with a vintage blouse!

How was your Christmas?


  1. sooo cute

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  2. so good:) xx

  3. I fell in love with you! You are so cute&pretty, with great sense of style! Just love loafers, your smile and hair:))
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know:)

  4. I love all of the polka dots

  5. Loving the polkadot blouse, and you suit the jeans a lot! Keep wearing them!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  6. Fijne combinatie! :)