Nov 23, 2014

FASHION / Shout out to the sister

blouse - oasap                skirt - h&m              shoes - converse

Hi Guys!

As you might notice, that is not me you see in the pictures. Today my little sister is in the spotlight! I came home at 8 am this morning from the drum and bass party I told you about, which btw was amazing, and stayed in bed till 3 o'clock haha. This, however, is very strange for me. Because even though I come home late (or shall I say early?), I always wake up around 11 am. With this in mind, I had planned to take outfit shots today, but since I woke up so late I didn't really feel like dressing up anymore. My sister on the other hand did, so instead of being in front of the camera I'm behind it  for once! If you would like to see more of my little sister you can go visit her blog here!

Next up will be an outfit with my new flannel shirt!


  1. Wat super leuk! En ze ziet er mooi uit!
    Slim idee ook haha

  2. Awwh your sister is adorable :) x

  3. Your sister is so stilish and a great model too!

  4. Hele leuke outfit! Ook leuk bedacht om je zusje te fotograferen!

  5. Nice:) xx

  6. Super cute om eens je zusje te zien. Ik vind de outfit ook leuk :)


  7. Leuk blousje! Grappig om eens je zusje te zien, ik vind haar totaal niet op je lijken. Haha! XO

  8. Aww she's so cute! Love the bird print blouse!

    Bella Pummarola