Sep 14, 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY / Or you might as well just call it Instagram.

vegan cupcakes at heavenly cupcakes in Rotterdam - kitty cat - gotta love modern art at MOTI
don't worry it's fake - just after I got my hair cut - more art at a festival in Rotterdam
marble and docs, perfect combo - jellyfishes at the beach - sunday mornings

Hii Guys!

Guess what, this is an instagram post! When I got my new phone about a month ago, I immediately downloaded instagram and since then I've been trying to build up some feed. I'm not the kind of person that takes three photo's a day, so I decided to not do this 'instaweek-post-thing' on the blog, like many other bloggers do. But since I don't have the time to take some outfit pictures today, I thought it would be nice to show you some of my favourite pictures on instagram. But just to emphasize this : I will not make this a weekly thing. The people who are interested in my daily life can simply follow me on instagram here! And since I'm still quite new and don't follow a lot of people yet, I would love to check out your instagram as well! 

Hopefully I'll be able to take some outfit pictures later on this week!


  1. Jaaaa, je Instagram is leuk! Lekker arty :) X

  2. Leukk! Ik vind het altijd leuk om insta's van bloggers te volgen :)


  3. Mooie foto's allemaal! Wat een schattige kat ook! En die foto met de kwallen vind ik echt heel mooi en kunstzinnig eruit zien op de een of andere manier, echt gaaf!

  4. Superleuke foto's. Je kat is enorm cute!