Aug 12, 2014

INSPIRATION / Like a virgin.

all dresses - mango

Hii Guys!

In my last post I had already warned you about the fact that it will be rather quiet on the blog these upcoming weeks. Tomorrow I'm packing my bags and stocking some of the last things I need for Lowlands. I'm leaving Thursday morning with Shani and Shanna and I'll be returning home Monday. I will try to post something in between Lowlands and the start of my introduction week on Tuesday. But that depends on how much is left of me after 4 days of non-stop partying haha. 

Anyway, today I didn't feel like taking any outfit pictures. Some days you just feel 'ugly' you know? No matter how many pictures I take, I'm never satisfied. And that's why I decided to share some gorgeous dresses with you instead. I've been looking for a white dress for quite some time now, because I need one for a wedding event. Everyone has to wear white, but since I don't own a white dress yet, it's a good excuse to buy one! And than I stumbled across Mango's webshop. They have soooo many white dresses at the moment that it's hard to choose. The ones above are my favourites, and now the hardest part of shopping has arrived ; I have to choose one. I thought it might come in hand to hear which one you like the best.

Which of the dresses above is your favourite?


  1. Ik vind die links onder het mooiste!


  2. hele fijne inspiratie, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hele fijne inspiratie, mooi! Links onder is mijn favoriet.

  4. Sowieso de eerste!
    Heeeeel veel plezier op lowlands! Daarna snel bijpraten + wijn drinken in den haag!

  5. Mango is one of my favourite shops, I like all these dresses! ^-^
    Nice blog, dear!