Aug 8, 2014

FASHION / A garden full of butterflies.

dress / jacket - oasap                shoes - new look               ring - cos

Hii Guys!

Sorry for the quiet days on the blog, but I have a lot of fun things planned for these last weeks of my holiday. Which means there's less time for blogging unfortunately. Next week I'm going to Lowlands and immediately after that, the introduction week of the university starts. And then in the last week of August I'll be home alone, so that means a lot of friends are coming over! I can't believe how fast the last two months have gone by. At first I thought I would bore myself to death during a 3-month-during-holiday, but I was wrong. Of course I've had my lazy days, but in general I've been busy with all kinds of stuff. 

Yesterday was a fun day as well, I visited the zoo with Dylan and my little sister. Dylan took these photographs of me in the butterfly garden. Which is definitely one of my favourite places in the zoo, besides the jellyfishes. I could stare at those for hours haha. Anyway, I wore my new dress and jacket from Oasap. I received them a few days ago in the mail and I'm really happy with them. The dress has that beautiful flow when you're walking, and that always makes me feel so sassy haha!

And that's it for now. Today I'm going shopping for a new desk chair, because mine broke the other day.


  1. Wat een super leuk jasje! En goede locatie ook! Oooooooh hoor ik daar home alone? ;)

  2. Mooie locatie en een hele leuke outfit!

  3. Je schoenen zijn zoo gaaf! Ik ben al zo lang niet in de dierentuin geweest.. moet k echt weer eens doen haha! x

  4. Mooie foto's! Vind vooral je schoenen heel tof :) X

  5. Hele leuke outfit! Dat jasje is echt mooi!