Jul 18, 2014

MBFWA / Sunday : Dorhout Mees, Verena Michels and Tony Cohen

1/2/3 - Dorhout Mees          4/5 - Verena Michels           6/7/8 - Tony Cohen

Hii Guys!

Today I want to share the catwalk photographs I took on the 4th day of Amsterdam Fashionweek. I saw 4 collections this day, and again took a lot of photographs. The ones above show my favourite outfits. I think I enjoyed this day the most, all the collections consisted of wearable clothing which I would actually wear myself. If I ever have the money haha. 

The first 3 photographs show the beautiful creations by Dorhout Mees. Her collection named 'O' was inspired by water and water crystals transforming in certain environments. This explains the blue colours she used. I think the blue dresses are absolutely stunning. I think I even liked this collection better than her last one, which I saw in January. (see photo's here

The 4th and 5th photo are taken during the show of Verena Michels. Her collection was inspired by the aesthetics of residual materials. She used handmade woolen fabrics and other loose materials. This resulted in very fine design, industrial rawness but still delicate. Her collection also had a few amazing sweaters in it, which actually made me miss winter. Unfortunately those photographs aren't really sharp. 

On the the last 3 photographs we see the sping summer collection 2015 by Tony Cohen. He used a lot black, whites and greys, which I personally love. His collection is based on sharp shapes and effortless sensibility. The models wore gorgeous, minimalistic blazers, dresses and hats. Besides a large women collection, he also showed a mens collection. 

I still got 2 fashionweek themed posts for you, one outfit and one catwalk post!

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  1. Great photos :) Want to go to fashion week so badly haha x

    Also, thank you for the comment on my blog. I recently changed my url + made a new bloglovin so it would be great if you could check it out again :) Thanks! xx