Jul 22, 2014

MBFWA / Monday : David Laport and Paul Schulten

1/2 - David Laport              3/4 - Paul Schulten

Hii Guys!

And we're down to the last Amsterdam Fashionweek related post already. In this last post I want to show you some photographs I took during the show of David Laport and Paul Schulten. But as you can see, this post contains a lot less photographs than the previous catwalk posts. That's because of two reasons. 1) I couldn't take proper photographs because my seats were more in the back than the other two days. 2) I simply didn't take that many photographs because I didn't like the collections that much! 

The collection by David Laport wasn't bad at all, he showed us some gorgeous dresses and skirts. But the collection as a whole just didn't make that much of an impression on me like other collections had in the days before. Of course this is completely personal. The last show of day, which was also the closing of Amsterdam Fashionweek, was by Paul Schulten. Unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed by his collection. There were only two dresses that really spoke to me, the ones you can see above. During the show I noticed that the front row was filled with 'older women', and they loved every single piece of the collection. The even applaused for every model that walked by them haha. So I guess Paul Schulten his collection was made for an older audience, which explains why I thought it was a bit oldfashioned haha!

From now on things will be back to normal, starting of with my disposables from Barcelona!

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