May 27, 2014

INSPIRATION / the eyes on you trend

Hii Guys!

I actually wanted to take outfit pictures today, but the weather turned out to be pretty bad. I haven't been outside the whole day because of the rain, hopefully tomorrow will be better! Anyway, instead of an outfit I'd like to discuss a hype that has been going on for a while, but is becoming a real trend now. The 'eyes on you' trend is what some like to call it. It's all about a simple eye which we find mainly on dresses and purses. As you can see above. Personally, I really love the black purse. And the dresses look not so bad either! For the people who like these items, you can find both dresses, the white and lilac one here and here!

What do you think about the 'eyes on you' trend?



  1. i love the zara gray dress

    NEW OUTFIT IN MY BLOG: BROWN SHADES with Paco Cecilio shoes

  2. Oooh I love these pictures! Especially the nails.

  3. Haha, hetzelfde hier. Stom weer. Stom nederland.
    Ik heb toevallig dat blauwe jurkje besteld bij oasap ;)

  4. I think it's super cool and rather creepy as well :D

  5. Leuk!
    Ook wel een beetje eng, je wordt zo aangestaard haha!
    Leuke blog heb je :)!