Mar 3, 2014

NEW IN / wednesday dress and denim jacket

Hii Guys!

I'm all settled in again. Yesterday I unpacked my bags and updated myself with all the things that have been happening around here.  Returning from such a lovely week isn't always nice, certainly when that means there is a huge to-do list waiting for you. My final examweek is coming really close and I still have to start writing an art essay which has to be turned in, in two weeks. oopsie. Besides that I also have a birthday party to arrange and a motivation letter for my future study to write. And so much more need to be done. All this didn't make me want to go home, but luckily there were two packages which made my arrival less painful. 

The first things I found when I got back home were two packages from oasap and persunmall. From oasap I received this amazing studded denim jacket. It's a bit oversized which I love! I can't wait to wear this when spring is here. In the package from persunmall I found this lovely black, wednesday like, dress and gorgeous pearl necklace. You can expect all of these items in an outfit really soon!

jacket - oasap                     dress / necklace - persunmall

I'm sorry for these pictures, I had to take them in my fathers bedroom because it was the only place left in the house where the light was good enough. Next up will be a proper outfit post again!